Being students as well as teachers

Okay, regular series resumes shortly, promise. Today, though, I’m just coming home from an introduction to Clojure¬†event, a language I’d never seen before and that we wasted no time diving right into. And to be honest, I didn’t get that much of it…which was exactly the feeling I needed to remember. Teachers, I can’t stress enough how important it is to periodically experience material in your content area that’s in your¬†own ZPD, if you will. There’s more than PD and PLCs! English teachers, pick out a challenging tome and force yourself to read twice as many pages in a setting as you normally would. Science teachers, dig up some challenging research or attend a seminar outside your own specialty. Phy Ed teachers, go try a sport you’re really not into! Refining your pedagogy is important, and so is discussing strategies with your peers…but remembering what it’s like to struggle in your discipline is also a key aspect of remaining effective.