The Prodigal Blogger Returns…With a Big Announcement!

It has been far, far too long since I actually managed to get something posted. Last November, I tried to challenge myself to post every day…and didn’t make it. Then, in December, I thought I could rally by posting something every day of Computer Science Education Week…and failed there too (although, no doubt, news of Prime Minister Cameron and President Obama‘s participation in an Hour of Code crossed your path without my interference).

Since then, I’ve been caught up in a deluge of new adventures, all of which will be expounded on at length in due time: I’m now teaching three after-school classes a week through Minneapolis Community Education and mentoring an assortment of high school students as they embark on the Technovation Challenge, as well as working on a couple of independent projects.

Most excitingly, though, I am beyond thrilled to finally be able to announce that plans are well underway for bringing a CoderDojo chapter to Northfield! Given students’ enthusiastic responses to a summer math/computing camp and this past December’s Hour of Code, we expect this 1:1-iPad district to have no trouble filling a room with kids eager to learn to create and not just consume software, and ACM chapters at both colleges will help supply mentors. I could not be more proud to be bringing this to the town of my alma mater, sharing what I’ve learned with the community in which I learned it, and am blown away by the number of things that have come together already. Stay tuned as we finalize details and nail down a date for our first event!

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