Being students as well as teachers

Okay, regular series resumes shortly, promise. Today, though, I’m just coming home from an introduction to Clojure event, a language I’d never seen before and that we wasted no time diving right into. And to be honest, I didn’t get that much of it…which was exactly the feeling I needed to remember. Teachers, I can’t stress enough how important it is to periodically experience material in your content area that’s in your own ZPD, if you will. There’s more than PD and PLCs! English teachers, pick out a challenging tome and force yourself to read twice as many pages in a setting as you normally would. Science teachers, dig up some challenging research or attend a seminar outside your own specialty. Phy Ed teachers, go try a sport you’re really not into! Refining your pedagogy is important, and so is discussing strategies with your peers…but remembering what it’s like to struggle in your discipline is also a key aspect of remaining effective.

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